Risk Advisory Services

Our enterprise risk based advisory focusses on identifying bottlenecks and related opportunities.

At KGS, we commit to understand your company, your culture, your processes and your priorities. Our understanding of your business, coupled with our global experience and industry-specific knowledge, enables us to develop and advise on unique risk solutions that generate opportunity, add long-term value and empower you to move forward and grow. We are committed to provide tailor made solutions to business specific needs.

Our services inter alia includes -
  • Internal Audit Services.
  • Enterprise Risk Management Studies.
  • Sarbanes – Oxley and Internal Financial Controls Transformation and Compliance Services (SOX).
  • Standard operating procedure (SOPs) development.

The compliance & regulatory environment is changing and expanding across regional, national and international al borders. The compliances are reaching and effecting even the smallest of organizations and the risk of regulatory actions and related financial and reputation risk is rising. KGS provides diagnostic services to identify possible compliance issues, provide immediate solutions and robust procedures to mitigate reoccurrence.

  • Governance framework, review and monitoring.
  • Governance scorecard.
  • Risk assessment, risk registers.
  • Preventive and corrective compliance measures.
  • Digitization of processes and procedures.

The organization effectiveness can often be overshadowed by weak IT systems. KGS conducts IT audits with specialized IT experts to identify loopholes in the accounting and business software’s, suggest remedial measures and monitor its effectiveness.

  • Penetration testing and assessments.
  • Internal and external network scans.
  • Risk Assessments.
  • Privacy Impact Assessments (PIA).
  • Integrated IT, financial, operational and compliance audits.
  • External auditor relationship management.

With domestic growth and incubation of digital solutions, the businesses have seen new forms of frauds occurring within the organization. KGS team of registered forensic practioners can help businesses identify possible frauds or conduct a forensic audit to obtain evidence of any instituted fraud within the organization.